This track is a new take on the “expansion” mindfulness technique that invites you to be open, curious and expansive towards your pain.

If you’re in the habit of struggling with your pain in any way, fighting with it, hating it, trying to ignore it or push it away, then this technique will teach you to create a peaceful space within you to pain to reside – which is helpful if you’re not able to eliminate your pain.

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This practice is where you will learn to be a friend to yourself, where you can support, nurture and hold space for yourself as you need it.


Self-compassion is a transformative experience, even though it might be a little counter-intuitive to begin with.


This practice will increase your resilience, transform your fight into love, and give you a life-changing tool that you can use to help you get through just about anything.

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I am capable of spiraling down, down, down … becoming a sad sack who can’t see anything to be grateful for in life. Seriously, just ask my husband! I’ve got more ‘stories’ than a grade 5 creative writing class.

Even though I know better, I can really turn it on when it suits my cause.


So the first thing that was pivotal for me was to make that shift from lack to gratitude.

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