It’s time to forgive …

It’s time to forgive the most important person in your life. 

I’m talking about YOU dear one.

You’ve carried that regret, guilt and pain around with you for long enough. Maybe for something serious that you’ve buried deep, or maybe for something minor, that you just can’t seem to let go of.

Whatever you need to forgive, this guided healing will help you to release the burden of self-directed pain and set yourself free.

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This practice helps you to access the values that you hold in your heart about what brings you joy and what others recognise as your strengths.

Listen to this track when you need to feel some extra love and support, and when you want to connect to what truly matters to help determine how best to take action in your life.

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This gratitude practice is specific for chronic pain sufferers.

When pain consumes much of your attention, there often isn’t much space left for gratitude. And if you’re distracted by pain, chances are, you won’t remember to practice gratitude anyway.

The intention of this track is to remind you that it’s not only possible to feel grateful while pain is present, but it’s an important part of bringing positivity into your life experience.

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