I used to be so afraid to be seen as too spiritual, or woo-woo. But the truth is, that *I am full-woo*, I always have been. Even as a child I was interested in zodiac signs, other worlds and tarot cards.

After being teased for being weirdo and a hippy more times than I can count, I developed a bit of a complex. I started believing that I had to conceal my truth and *be more practical”

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I walked through the door hoping to learn a bit about myself and connect with other women, but I ended up crying uncontrollably lying face down on the floor….

I recently went to a workshop about honouring and working with your menstrual cycle run by the incredible Nadine from Tantric Alchemy. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I ¬†was hoping to walk away feeling more positively about my cycle and my period,

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During this practice you will travel back in time to connect with your inner child.

This meditation guides you to build a bond with your inner child and invite him or her to express his/her fears with you as well as deliver you a message that you need to hear now as an adult.

What’s to gain by connecting to your inner child?


Your inner child holds the key to unlocking and healing many of your adult habits,

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