Email Support


Face-to-face communication isn’t for everyone. I get that. I’m a writer first and foremost. I communicate best through writing, and I learn best through reading. Maybe you’re the same.


Real-time sessions can be confronting if you get shy, anxious or tongue-tied. Email support allows you to speak from the heart authentically and safely without having to commit to meeting with me at a set time. Simply reply to me during the week at a time that suits you.


Email coaching is also is a great value way to get me in your support crew.

Healing Email Support $85

1 x lovingly crafted, detailed email from me each week for 4 weeks, to support you through your self-guided healing journey. (apply below)


Intensive Email Support $150

2 x lovingly crafted, detailed emails from me each week for 4 weeks to support you every step of the way along your journey towards health, happiness and freedom. (apply below)


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