Meditations For Anxiety

This album has 7 tracks to help you both "in the moment" of anxiety and also to help you to lower your pre-disposition to anxiety in general.
There are 4 versions of the Anxiety Rescue track so that you can choose the one you need at the time. The sleep version does not bring you back to an awake state after the meditation practice, instead peacefully guiding you into a deep, restful sleep.

Track listing: 

1) Anxiety Rescue Meditation (15 mins)
2) Anxiety Rescue Meditation With Music (16 Mins)
3) Anxiety Rescue - Sleep Version (14 mins)
4) Anxiety Rescue - Sleep Version With Music (16 Mins)
5) Expansion And Self-Compassion (10 Mins)
6) Defusion From Thoughts (10 Mins)
7) Self-Love And Appreciation With Music (19 Mins)

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