Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth

Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth
Album cover photo: Eyes Of Love Photography
Gorgeous mama model: Jo, from The Luminous Kitchen (with baby Marley on the inside)

This mp3 album will support you from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way through to the moment your baby is born.

You will be gently guided to build a sacred bond with your unborn baby,
love yourself, overcome fears and create a strong yet soft
body and mind for labour and birth.


MP3 Track Listing


1) Connecting With Your Baby
2) Embrace Your Changing Body
3) Overcoming Fears and Doubts About Birth
4) Visualise Your Ideal Birth
5) Mother Born (A sacred vow)

6) Childbirth Affirmations
7) Childbirth Breathing Meditation
8) BONUS TRACK: Connecting With Your Baby (Extended version)
*A mini guidebook is included that provides
more detail about each of the tracks



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