The Solar Plexus Chakra governs your self-confidence, your integrity, your persistence and your ability to make peace with your life circumstances.

If this chakra is out of alignment, you might experience fear, anger, resentment, stress, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, unhealthy behaviours and habits, a lack of confidence, feeling disempowered, making inauthentic decisions, excess weight in your body, particularly around your middle and problems relating to your stomach, liver or kidneys.

If your solar plexus is blocked,

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The sacral chakra governs your self-worth, creativity, sexuality and passion.

If this chakra is out of alignment, you might experience guilt, shame, self-pity, envy, manipulative behaviour, hormonal imbalances, or issues relating to the reproductive system. You might even experience problems of a sexual or intimate nature or blocks to your creativity and pleasure.

These issues usually stem from the desire for more passion and self-belief in your life. This meditation track will help you to activate your sacral chakra and to reignite your internal fire to keep your passion flowing in all areas of your life.

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We’ve all tried to get on or stay on a bandwagon at one stage or another… whether it be to stick to a sugar-free diet, to do yoga every day or whatever your personal “bandwagon” is all about, you’ve all fought the hard fight to stay on that bumpy ride, only to feel disappointed when you fall off, usually pointing the blame at yourself.

And then what happens? You feel so down on yourself about falling off the wagon that you eat two muffins for afternoon tea and skip yoga for a week.
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