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Does this sound familiar?

You get the feeling that there’s something missing in your life, but you don’t know what it is.

You think that you need more knowledge, money, time or energy before you can get your life on track.

You have great intentions for achieving your goals, yet you find it impossible to follow through?

You know what you need to do to improve your life, but you’re just not doing it?


We’ve been there too!

Through years and years of seeking solutions and relentless self-development we are now living Invincible lives.

We have the missing piece of the puzzle, and now we’re sharing how to get unstuck quickly and easily, so that you can gain momentum towards your desires and love every moment of your life (yes, even the ones that suck!)


Here's the truth... don’t need more time, more money or better health in order to go after your dreams and feel invincible.

You can start right now, with what you have...
we will help you get there!

Who are we?

We’re Naomi Goodlet & Tahlee Rouillon. The two of us came together intuitively to create a super-helpful course to realign you with you your heart’s true desires, take meaningful action, and feel Invincble every day.


Tahlee Rouillon

Tahlee Rouillon is music composer extraordinaire at Sonesence. She offers peace seekers an easy way to achieve inner peace with a sonic shortcut called meditones. 

Meditones help you produce relaxed brainwaves with a simple pair of headphones. This incredible tool has helped Tahlee overcome anxiety, depression and panic attacks, so she feels Invincible every day.


Naomi Goodlet

Naomi Goodlet has been helping people overcome their struggles and achieve their goals for over 10 years. She is a mindfulness expert, spiritual teacher, and counselor using gentle and holistic modalities. 

Naomi is trained in both Spiritual Healing and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and creates a seamless union of spiritual and practical approaches in all her work.

Feeling invincible means…

Standing in your power

Living in alignment with the things that matter most to you

Feeling inspired and motivated to create positive, meaningful change

Avoiding burnout while maintaining momentum

Overcoming self-doubt and honouring your choices

Making room for mistakes, challenges and stumbling blocks

Committing to heart-led action

Feeling fulfilled regardless of whether or not you’ve achieved your goals

Having the grace to accept the things you can’t change

Embodying resilience to overcome challenges

Loving what is and yourself

During the Invincible Course,
You will discover how to...

+ Overcome anxiety, stress and overwhelm with a simple pair of headphones

+ Ditch bad habits for good

+ Rewire your brain to be more relaxed more often

+ Create sustainable (and fun) habits

+ Embody peace on demand

+ Live more comfortably and consistently

* And most importantly feel the accomplishment and satisfaction you get from creating a life filled with passion, purpose and meaning.

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INVINCIBLE is for you if you want to...

Live with passion and purpose while letting go of constant striving and stress.

You want to follow your heart instead of getting stuck in your head.

You want to align with your higher self and adopt self-love.

Call back your energy from the past and the future
so that you can connect with the peace of the present moment.

Feel fulfilled by doing the things that matter the most to you.

Commit to living a heart-led life.

Course Content




You Will Receive...

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Remember, you don’t need more money, time or energy in order to feel Invincible.
You can stop feeling detached, foggy, stressed out or numb right now.
The Invincible Course will help you commit to living
a passion-filled, purposeful, heart-led life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invincible for me?
Invincible is for anyone who wants to accomplish their goals consistently with heart and presence. It’s been designed for both men and women alike, whether you’re young or young-at-heart.

I have a ton of work/family/life commitments and am not sure that I’ll be able to get through it all. How long will it take?
Honestly, you could charge through it all in 45 minutes each week. The weekly course material is concise, to-the-point and super-charged with easily actionable tips. The wisdom can be quickly implemented into your life and the course material is yours forever.

Why is the course so cheap?
We are committed to offering great quality programs that are accessible and affordable. Instead of having a high-priced course with a payment plan, we decided to make the course accessible for everyone. We deliberately priced this course far less than a 1-on-1 session with either of us to encourage you to prioritise yourself and take action. No more excuses.

I’ve already done heaps of online programs, how is Invincible better?
Invincible isn’t some temporary, feel-good, one-night-stand course. We’ll be teaching you techniques that are easy to integrate every day that set you up for a heart-led life.

What are meditones?
Meditones are pure frequencies of sound that guide the whole brain to produce relaxed brainwaves when heard with headphones. Please note, meditones aren’t suitable for people with epilepsy.

What currency is the Invincble price in?
Australian dollars. The price of Invincible converts to around $60 USD.

What if I’m not satisfied, can I get a refund?
No. Due to the digital nature of the course, we are not able to offer refunds. But don’t worry, The Invincible Course has so much value when you immerse yourself in the exercises. Be sure to complete all the worksheets and meditations for full effect.

Is this going to be the easiest, funnest, best investment I make for myself this year?
Yes. Yes it is.