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Readings & Healings

Gain insight into your current situation, find out what your soul wants you to know, and get clear about your next move.
Your reading or healing will be completed within 7 days and the details will be emailed to you as soon as it has been completed.  
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New Releases

Download every new meditation track that I release (at least 1 per month) for a $6US monthly pledge on Patreon which you can cancel anytime.
The $6 pledge also includes a group reading every month and access to my Patron-only discounted store.
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Meditation Albums

Choose from 6 albums with specific intentions to help you feel more peaceful every day and make progress towards your goals.
Save money on each track by buying an album.
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Meditation Tracks

Just want a couple of tracks?
My entire available catalog of over 30 tracks (many of which are not available on albums) are available here.
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I've actually written a few!
In 2015 I even crowdfunded a real, paper one.
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