Soul Atlas

Soul Atlas


Feel like you’ve been drifting out at sea for months with no land in sight?
Like you know what your answer is, but all you need is the map to help you find it? You need your own unique atlas to help you change course, to steer you on a path where the shore is not only in sight but also within reach.


My Soul Atlas offering combines the best parts of my services
into one distinctive package.


When you book a Soul Atlas you will receive:


  • A deep-vision 30-minute Soul Reading emailed within 3 days
    Our connection will begin with a reading where I connect with your soul and give you an insight into how to heal your blocks and start to take action towards your goals. Worth $58.


  • A personalised healing session with me within 4 weeks
    Straight away, you’ll get access to my private calendar to book a 60-minute healing or coaching session with me where we’ll get straight to the heart of what’s been holding you back, and rapidly propel you to the next level in your life. Worth $110.


  • A 5-page tailored Soul Atlas Guidebook after your session
    This unique-to-you, printable guide will give you clear, actionable steps to steer you on your soul’s true path to health, happiness and freedom. Worth $65.


  • Email support for 4 weeks
    From your first email with me, we will keep in close touch so that you can share your wins and let me lift you gently from of your setbacks. You’ll get 1 lovingly crafted email reply from me every week for 4 weeks. Worth $85.


Over $300 in value for only $180