Work with me to take big leaps, get your mojo back and to become the poster girl (or boy) of your own life.

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Working with me is a bit different because…

  • You can do it anywhere with wifi. All of my sessions are on Skype, by phone or via email. Your warm, private, comfy home or office is much nicer than a therapist’s waiting room. (I do offer a handful appointments face-to-face – see below). 
  • I speak your language. I speak many languages. I’m part mindfulness-nerd, part hipster, part trapped-in-the-90’s, part mystical-dolphin-angel-mermaid-unicorn-spiritguide-goddess, part street-wise rebel, part philosopher and part daggy mum. But seriously, I’m not going to ramble psych-jargon at you. I explain things in a way that’s easy to understand and always wrapped in (sometimes tough) love.
  • I understand you. I’m not some academic schmuck who’s had a cruisey life yet feels it’s my duty to impart cryptic and unusable “wisdom” onto you. I’m not another douchey, ranty old psych who bores you to death without actually helping you with anything. I understand what it’s like to be stressed, anxious, depressed, confused, burnt out, or even suicidal because, I’ve been there. I’m not saying that I’m going to always compare your story to mine, I’m saying that I get it, babe. I feel you. I’ll come into the dark with you and help you find the exit.
  • You get an invite to my personal Facebook group, Soul+Spirit, where you’ll have direct access to me well beyond our counselling sessions. You’ll also get wicked freebies, discounts and advanced notice for everything I do! (Worth $197)
  • I make the sessions as practical and/or spiritual as you need them to be. Finally!


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To work with me you need to be…

A go-getter. I mean it. No half-assed slackers allowed. Finding the path to regaining your spark is often simple but it ain’t always easy. You’ve gotta be willing to put in the effort required to get results, but don’t worry, I’ll help you!

Ready. Ready for change. Ready to shift old energy. Ready to let go of unhelpful habits and beliefs. Ready to do what it takes to achieve your goals. And ready to love yourself like never before!

Tech savvy. Broadband, skype, webcam, audio, email, downloads, Facebook.
Got that sorted? Okay, we’re good to go.



Soul Reading

A divine psychic download to find out exactly what your
soul wants you to know and take action on right now.
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This is where the magic happens. Big leaps, epic bounds.
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Book a face to face healing, reading or counselling session
in South Eath Queensland. More info <<

Email Support

 Speak from the heart authentically and safely
without having to commit to meeting at a set time.
It’s cheaper too!  More info <<

A beautiful testimonial from a client, Kendra Kantor.