I'm Naomi,

Intuitive, coach, oracle card reader,
crowdfunded meditation maker,
recovered anxiety sufferer, mama of one,
lover of everything self-help & spiritual...
... and unearther of GOLD
(precious, good shit... which, let's face it, is sometimes
quite heavy and hard to find.)

I can help you to unearth your gold
& radiate your light.


more about me

Did I mention that I freaking LOVE all things self-help? Not just because it's the fastest, & easiest (& free-est)
way to take leaps and bounds towards your goals, but because... the gold is in the doing.
That's why I make high-quality, super helpful guided meditation audios that are available for everyone to access for free!

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When you can’t run from the healing process, you must surrender to it

  I walked through the door hoping to learn a bit about myself and connect with other women, but I ended up crying uncontrollably lying face down on the floor….…

Connect To Your Inner Child

During this practice you will travel back in time to connect with your inner child. This meditation guides you to build a bond with your inner child and invite him…

Why I didn’t return to blogging after writing a book, and how I got my mojo back

In 2016 I crowd-funded and wrote a book about my 12-month long experiment about saying YES to my life, YES Quest. I started writing the stories for the book during…

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