I'm Naomi,

Intuitive, coach, oracle card reader,
crowdfunded meditation maker,
recovered anxiety sufferer, mama of one,
lover of everything self-help & spiritual...
... and unearther of GOLD
(precious, good shit... which, let's face it, is sometimes
quite heavy and hard to find.)

I can help you to unearth your gold
& radiate your light.


more about me

Did I mention that I freaking LOVE all things self-help? Not just because it's the fastest, & easiest (& free-est)
way to take leaps and bounds towards your goals, but because... the gold is in the doing.
That's why I make high-quality, super helpful guided meditation audios that are available for everyone to access for free!

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Fear – Taming The Beast

You never fully recover from anxiety. You just manage it better every time that it shows up. Even if you meditate and exercise every day, confront your fears, and stay…

Heal & Activate Your Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra governs your self-confidence, your experience of┬áhope, forgiveness and love. If this chakra is out of alignment, you might experience relationship issues, difficulty receiving support or love, stinginess,…

Wisdom from a work-free month

Okay so I did actually work a tiny bit during September, but I really only did the barest minimum. I saw a handful of regular clients, I completed readings for…

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