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Pick The Brain – 8 Tips To Become A Better Listener
The Change Blog – How Having A Baby Actually Gave Me More Time 
Your Power Centre – Managing Anxiety Even When it’s Not Convenient
Soul Speak – My Soul Story – Conceiving My Daughter
Pick The Brain – 5 Ways To Become More Light-Hearted
The Real Us – How I Caused (And Cured) My Infertility
Aspire Magazine Blog – 5 Ways To Cultivate Self-Compassion
Kind Over Matter – Finding The Right Business
The Change Blog – How I Learned To Embrace My Rebellious Nature
Finerminds – 4 Reasons Why Mindfulness Can Help You Attract Your Desires Even If It Feels Like Your Doing The Opposite
I Am Fearless Bliss – Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self
The Huffington Post – How To Make Happiness Your Default Setting In 3 Easy Steps
LifeHack – 5 Ways To Become Your Own Best Friend
Tiny Buddha – Accepting, Feeling and Releasing Painful Emotions
PickTheBrain – Why You Should Break The Rules Of Mindfulness
PickTheBrain – 5 Easy Ways To Empty Your Mind Before Bed
Finerminds – 10 Easy Steps To Achieving Anything You Want
Elite Daily – 10 Reasons Why One Child Is Enough For Me
LifeHack – 5 Lessons We Can All Learn From New Mothers
LifeHack – 5 Bad Habits Of Insomniacs And How To Solve Them


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Story Of Mum – Creative Business Mamas Series – Feminine Spirit Interview
Lisa Fitzpatrick, Sacred Women’s Business – What Do Your Dreams Mean? (Audio)
Just BEE Wellness – Find True Happiness In Every Moment (Audio/Subscription Required)
Mum In Search – Find The Wisdom Of Your Dreams
Herstory Magazine – Featured Interview
Wild Sister Magazine – Wild Sister Of The Month
Explore Your Depths – Featured Interview
Gusty Girl Art – Gutsy Woman Interview Series


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Wild Sister Magazine #32 – Can You Love Yourself Exactly As You Are?
Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine March 2014 Issue – How to Communicate With Self-Absorbed People Without Losing Your Sanity
Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine April 2014 Issue – Celebrate Your Own Awesomeness
 Wild Sister Magazine #35 – 5 Ways To Nurture Your Souls Sisters
 Wild Sister Magazine #36 – How I Found Light In My Darkest Days
Alive – So Make It Count Magazine –  Can Your Life Be Funny?
3 Ways to Surrender Your Agenda – Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine
Wild Sister Magazine #39 – How To Use Mindfulness To Become Invincible
Rockstar Birth Magazine #4 – Use Meditation To Become A Pregnant-Lady-Super-Hero


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YES Quest. Hard copy, kindle, pdf and audio version available!
Worthy Of More, Let Got Of Limiting Beliefs For Good.  PDF e-book + audio and companion worksheet. $9
Distraction Hacker: Make space in your life for the things (and people) that truly matter. $4.99 on Amazon for Kindle.
Wild + Precious: A Guide To Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss, And Changing The World. The Best Of Wild Sister Magazine.  $9.98 on Amazon.



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Rockstar Birth Magazine

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Nathalie Lussier’s 30 Day List Building Challenge

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Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp


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